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The Challenge:  Examining BB35 is daunting being a complex system with a long operational history and extensive modifications.  The challenge was further complicated by only a few secondary sources with few details and most containing numerous errors.  This necessitated original research by acquiring copies of  historic BB35 sources from various locations: aboard BB35, with BB35 veterans, in various libraries and at the National Archives and Records Administration.

A symbol of America's coming of age as a world power, in the early 20th century.
Commissioned at the height of battleship supremacy, BB35 was a witness to its decline. Replaced by new technology.
Many ship areas today are as they were in 1914.

Major changes between 1914 through 1945.
12,459 days from commission to decommission.

Sails over 633,000 nautical miles, 728,000 statute miles.
2,891 tons of coal, using 124,341 cubic feet.
1,500,000 gals of fuel oil using 200,550 cubic feet.
16 Panama Canal crossings.
4 different aviation arrangements involving balloon, drones and 10 different airplanes.
4 different radars for air and surface.
Makes 30,000 gallons of fresh water a day. 
Oldest item aboard - Electric powder hoist motor, Turret 1, built 4 Dec 1904.

World War I

World War II

  24 June 1910 
  17 April 1911 
  18 May 1912 
  12 March 1914

   7 April 1917
  11 November 1918

  7 December 1941
  2 September 1945

  21 April 1948
1914: Commissioning:
  * Most power guns (14 inch) in the world.
  * All electric galleys.
  * Last coal fired US battleship (BB) - TX and NY.
  * Largest engines in a US BB - TX & NY.
  * 1st US BB built with a laundry.
1918: 3 German submarine encounters.
1919:1st US BB to launch an airplane off a turret platform.
1925 - 1927: Modernization: $3,477,000.
1927-1931: Flagship of the US Navy.
1929 September: 500 Civil War Union veterans aboard.
1930: 1st talking movies on a USN ship.
1939: Radar test ship.
1941: Submarine U203 incident.
1942-1944: 20 Atlantic crossings.
1942-1945: Only US BB to see combat in Africa, Europe and Asia.
December 1988-February 1990: Dry dock.

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