Chief Petty Officers
Above 1918        Below:1943
Below: Chief McKeown (seated front row-right) the ship's caretaker starting in 1948

  1918 - 36 CPOs Aboard
1 March 1918 (Deck Log)
  . Qty $$$
Chief boatswains' mates 4 50.00  
  Chief gunners' mates 4 50.00  
Chief turret captains' 4 60.00
Chief quartermaster 2 50.00
Chief machinists' mates 5 70.00
  Chief electricians 4 60.00  
  Chief carpenters' mates 2 50.00  
  Chief water tenders 8 50.00  
  Chief yeoman 1 60.00  
  Bandmasters 2 52.00  

1914 drawing shows 46 bunks being 5' 6" long.  In 1937 the same number is referenced (no bunk layout)
That number had increased to 58 by October 1944 yet the square footage remained the same
  1914   1944  

At commissioning, the Chief's Mess was located in the Chief's Berth. When the Mess was relocated aft of the Berth is not known. The Chief's Mess also included the ship's Marine Sergeants, which are visible in the photo right. The Chief's paid into a Mess fund and was cooked in the Crew's Galley on main deck.
Photo from Ed Sommers who's grandfather was aboard BB35 during World War One
World War II
WWII CPO Bill Cook said the Chief's had the best food aboard and officer's were always wanting to
be invited to dine in the CPO Mess. Mr Cook said the Chief's were selective as to whom they invited.
The photos of the Chief's party for Captain Pfaff are from the Bill Cook collection.

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