Quarters - By Location
Below are most of the quarters locations for the ship's officers and enlisted. 
Enlisted locations does not present the complete view for many slept in small groups (2 or so) in numerous locations though out the ship. 
Presented as a general overview.  For interior details, view the "Crew Quarters" topics of Officers, CPO and Enlisted
  Navigation Bridge  
Captain's Sea Cabin
 Added July 1925 - November 1926 modernization
  **** Bunk from Junior Officers Quarters. Birch wood desk and table also installed (per 1926 drawings).
**** Water closet (WC) added after January 1937
****Shower added in 1944 (per BB35 drawings)
  As of January 1937   As of October 1944  
As of May 1931

Commander-in-Chief US Navy
As January 1937

UPPER - Flag Lieutenant
LOWER - Admiral
By Oct 1944, on Flag Bridge.
  1940s At least three enlisted bunks in the Navigation Office.

On the left edge of the photo is a 1 gallon glass jug that held the concentrated syrup form of Coca Cola
  As of 1910

Captain  stateroom (green area).
1912 joiner plan shows a 42 inch brass bed

Unknown if the 1910 arrangement is the actual arrangement at commissioning

By 1931 the stateroom is the same as Oct 1944

As of Oct ober1944

Quartermaster (red rectangle) 20 bunks

"B": two bunks in the "Paint Locker".
September 1910
Chief of Staff Stateroom - upper green
Admiral's Stateroom - lower green
November 1926 ? (late 1930 - early 1940s?)
. Flag Officers:  Admiral (right) Chief of Staff (left)
    Enlisted:  Uncertain if year round.  Hammock hooks still present in overhead I-beams

  2nd Deck  
. Wardroom Officers: 
    Master-at-Arms:  Forward 
    Marine 1st Sgt:  Aft 
    Enlisted:  In hammocks in red areas but also the passageways
. Wardroom Officers: 
    Junior Officers:  Still present in 1937
    Marine 1st Sgt:  In Marine Space 
    Enlisted:  In hammocks in red areas but also the passageways
. Wardroom Officers: 
    Some time after 1937, enlisted space plus Scullery 
    Enlisted:  In bunks in the red areas and passageways to the left of the green areas
  Aft (Chief Petty Officers)   Forward
As of May 1931
    Wardroom Officers   Junior Officers   Warrant Officers  
    Warrant Officer: 11 rooms and 13 berths.
  Junior Officers: 11 rooms and 21 berths.
  Wardroom Officers: 4 staterooms and 4 berths, all  single occupancy.
As of January 1937
only change from 1931 is the aft Warrant Officer room having singe occupancy
As of October 1944
  Starboard Wardroom Staterooms are combined with the aft two Junior Officer rooms to create a Junior Officer's Bunk

Starboard space used for the Officer's Barber Shop converted to a single occupancy Junior Officer room

3 Junior Officer bunk increase

2 port Wardroom Officer staterooms converted into Warrant Officer rooms

3 Warrant Officer rooms occupancy is changed from single to double (the aft of the forward room)

12 Warrant Officer bunks are in the passage way, in the aft area

  Half Deck - Aft  
Chief Petty Officers
  3rd DECK  

    Chief Petty Officers 
    Enlisted:  In hammocks in red areas but also the passageways

    Enlisted:  The mid section had been coal bunkers. Added 285 bunks

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