40mm Anti Aircraft Machine Cannon
40 guns (10 mounts of 4 guns) installed, in June 1943, at Boston Navy Yard (replaced the 1.1" machine guns).  The guns were removed before TEXAS left Los Angeles, 21 January 1946, for the east coast..  Photos of the 3 Feb 1946 Panama Canal show the guns are no longer aboard. In 1989-1990, 10 mounts of the correct make and model were found and placed aboard. Gun mount  8, port of the Crew's Galley, use to be on MISSOURI. The mounts could be operated in three ways; a Mark 51 gun director, joy stick for electric-hydraulic or manual wheels.
  1 Configuration:  June 1943 thru January 1946  
Signal Bridge #3 and #4 Superstructure #1 #2 #5 #6 Main Deck  #7, #8 #9 #10

29,000 40mm shells were stored in the magazines in rectangle metal cans.
The 2nd Platform magazines originally stored 5inch shells and powder bags.
The 40mm shells were raised with the 5inch ammo hoists.
  2nd Platform  

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