Exterior Views:  12 March 1914 thru July 1925
  12 March 1914
  Before June 1916
   No 3inch guns on crane tops
- Searchlights replaced by range finders
Mainmast top:  Lookout bucket configuration changed
Mainmast:  Vertical antenna on front side of mast
  After July 1916  
3inch gun installed on crane top in July 1916
Masts: Two horizontal arms on
Turret 2 and 4:  Range finders atop
  2 October 1917  
  Entering New York Navy Yard after grounding on Block Island
Before the yard period
  Torpedo defense platform installed between the bridge and the lower searchlight platform.
: No range clock, still single level searchlight platform;
Turret 2
no train marks on side
  During This Period 
Three 5inch guns removed (9, 10, 19) from second deck
  27 - 30 January 1918  
27 January forward 5inch guns (in the Wardroom) removed and ship still in New York harbor. 
30 January
departs for Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands
  After 20 October - 4 November 1918  
  British Royal Navy Floating Drydock, Jarrow Slake, east of Newcastle, England
Mast tops:  enclosed; Pilot House added; Turret 2 fly-off platform added
  26 December 1918- 4 January 1919  
  (in New York City before entering New York Navy Yard on 4 January)  
  Airplanes: Sopwith Camel (turret 1 and unidentified on turret 3) brought aboard
in Brest, France 14 December 1918
Turret sides:  training marks still present
  After January New York Navy Yard  
  (location is New York City)  
Turret 4:  fly-off platform installed; Four 5inch guns removed:  3,4,5,6 from second deck; Turret 4 and 5:  training marks on side removed.  Same marks present when ships goes through the Panama Canal on 25 July 1919.  Only one other navy yard period between January and leaving for the canal that the strips could have been put back on
  25 July 1919  
  (in the Panama Canal)  
  Airplane:  Hanriot; Turret 1 and 2: trainings on the side  
  As of January 1921  
  (enroute to Chile, South America)  
  Torpedo Defense Platforms:  enclosed  
  Mast Horizontal Arms:  Raised to lookout buckets  
  After August 1921 before  August 1922  
August 1921: Six 3inch guns installed:  Turret 3 and 4 plus Superstructure  Turret 4: fly-off platform removed
  NET Fall 1923 to July 1925  
  Airplane:  OU-1 on stern.  July 1923 drawings for this arrangement  

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