Twenty eight maps showing TEXAS movements during key periods in ship history will display through this section.  Showing where BB35 went with an image says far more then text can. With the maps you can trace ship movements-time from one port or area of operation to the next. The complete ship's history has been mapped. Seventy other maps as well as the above maps are accessible through the history section above.

The North Sea maps of World War I (1918) and the three long range North Atlantic patrols of 1941 (May, June, July) are plotted from deck log data (latitude/longitude, course and speed). The others maps use generic lines to represent the movement chronology.

Created the maps with MapInfo Professional 4.donated by Mr. Rick Peters, MapInfo associate. Format ideas and geographic research assistance was provided Scott Myers, Rice University. Special geographic assistance was also provided Amy Huff, MD Anderson Library, University of Houston and Mr. Stuart McAlpine, Scottish Tourist Board.

Scanned Maps: The maps of North Africa (3), Normandy (2), Cherbourg (2), Iwo Jima (1) and Okinawa (1) are scans that have been annotated for BB35.

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