East Coast - 16 January 1924 to 31 July 1925

By Fall 1923 to 31 July 1925

Beginning dated based on the UO-1 at the stern and the installation drawing being dated 7 July 1923

Norfolk area was the ship's home port with most operations within the Chesapeake Bay and the Southern Drill Ground (not far outside of Chesapeake Bay).  The regular early year deployment to the Caribbean (based in Guantanamo Bay Cuba) was done from 6 January to 7 March 1925.  This was a short period before entering Norfolk Navy Yard for modernization

  5 June to 27 August 1924 - US Naval Academy Midshipmen Cruise (1st of 4)  

The European port call, Torquay, England had several newspaper articles about the sailors. The Torquay Times on 20 June and 27 June gives insight into how the local British viewed their "cousins across the pond".   The cruise was supposed to include Belgium but mechanical troubles necessitated a change.


  22 March to 23 June - Sinks Incomplete Battleship WASHINGTON  

In 1922 the Washington Naval Limitation treaty was signed (an attempt at strategic weapons limitation) that placed restrictions on battleships. As a result, the incomplete battleship WASHINGTON had to be scrapped and in 1924, TEXAS fired her 14" guns at the incomplete WASHINGTON. 

  July 1925 - Experimental AA Gunnery With Airship SHENANDOAH  

Before starting the modernization, on 31 July 1925, TEXAS conducted experimental AA gunnery with  the US Navy airship SHENANDOAH towing the target.  


  Structural Changes  

Replaced Mk/Mod 14-inch/45caliber Gun :

Between March to December 1924, the first of three 14-inch gun change outs with the Mark 1/Mod 7 replacing the original Mark1/ Mod 1.

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