Berthing - Officers
  Flag Bridge
(top bridge of the foremast)
Admiral sea cabin
Navigation Bridge
(below Flag Bridge)
Captain's Emergency Sea Cabin
Signal Bridge
(below Navigation Bridge)
Flag Sea Cabin
    Added July 1925 - November 1926 modernization

  from Junior Officers Quarters, half deck. Birch wood desk and table also installed (per 1926 drawings).

 Water closet (WC) after January 1937

Shower added 1944 (per BB35 drawings)
US Navy Commander in Chief sea cabin
Flagship from the US Navy (September 1927 - 1931)

During World War II, aerial photographs processed here and bunks for at least three sailors.  Opposite side compartment had radar equipment.

  Superstructure Deck  
Captain's Quarters, with a 42 inch wide brass bed
   2nd Deck - Wardroom Officers  
2nd Deck
27 staterooms on 2nd Deck (dark green): 12 forward and 15 aft.  (Always 12 forward.)

As of 1931
32 staterooms (5 added aft of Wardroom) 

Forward Wardroom Staterooms
Showing frames 1 - a GIF of an AutoCAD redraw that I made of the1912 joiner. The joiner plans were found on microfilm by Tom Scott, which he printed and scanned.
The microfilm clarity was poor and many small objects could not be differentiated with other close objects
The three red objects are  the anchor chain chutes. Must have made a heck of a racket when the anchors were dropped 

  Half Deck - Wardroom, Warrant and Junior Officers  
    Wardroom   Junior   Warrant  
  As of 1931  
  Warrant Officer: 11 rooms and 13 berths. All single rooms except bow and stern, which are double.

Junior Officers: 11 rooms and 21 berths. All rooms are double occupancy except for the 6th from the stern.

Wardroom Officers: 4 staterooms and 4 berths, all  single occupancy.
  As of 1937  
  Only change from 1931 aft Warrant Officer room singe occupancy  
  As of 1944  
  Starboard Wardroom Staterooms are combined with the aft two Junior Officer rooms to create a Junior Officer's Bunk

Starboard space used for the Officer's Barber Shop converted to a single occupancy Junior Officer room
3 Junior Officer bunk increase

2 port Wardroom Officer staterooms converted into Warrant Officer rooms

3 Warrant Officer rooms occupancy is changed from single to double (the aft of the forward room)
  3rd Deck - Junior Officers  
 One room (gray - near bow) with 5 berths.  Remained so through 1945

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