Website Rebuilt

28 January 2016: The website was uploaded after being off the Internet for a complete rebuild.  The site had grown to a volume where the navigation structure was to cumbersome and the use of frames (which was extensive) is incompatible with html5. A lot of the FrontPage generated code was out of date and-or badly structured.  Most topics were structured into far to many module pages increasing the amount of navigating.  Page formatting also needed restructuring for better reading and larger images.  Many images were developed when my monitor resolution was 800x600 and download speed was a lot slower. The rebuild is now stable well into the future and what I originally had in mind when I started the site back in 1999.


Navigation is now a drop down menu that always remains in view at top.  A compact structure for better access and enables easier inclusions in the future. 


To adequately display topics with material of sufficient depth and breadth, all pages were formatted for 1200pixels wide.  Accordingly, photos also increased in width up to 1200px.  Some drawings are still 3000px wide.  A topic with numerous modular pages were combined into a single page substantially reducing the number of files but increased file size over 1meg for many pages.   Pages were stripped of all FrontPage generated html (a lot of tables so a lot of work) and recoded with no incompatibilities with html5.  A basic format was used for almost all pages.  The background image opacity was adjusted and the position fixed.  All maps and drawings are now larger transparent GIFs for a nice effect when scrolling over the background image.  The site though is still about detailed and expansive content (text and images) and not graphic design.  I let the topic determine size and not the devices for viewing but the code work does enable access by iPod and the like.


Well folks......this is my Phoenix.  For this, a big thanks to Tom Scott for getting me started and his reviews.  Hey, Herb Powers, thanks for your review of and additions to the fire control system.  Was sorely needed.  James Thomas, the Captain Baker bio is good stuff and I look forward to the other captain's bios and your books.  Finally, Lee McIntire, president of FTV.  When the original parking site idea fell apart, Lee stepped up and committed FTV funding for webhosting because he said the site was to valuable a resource to lose.  Lee, my hats off to you.  I see my site as an FTV site also and I hope to hear from you and the rest of the group for further inclusions.

Started 11 May 1999 by Chuck Moore, FTV (1st Texas Volunteers) a Battleship Texas volunteer group - Donate Your Time And Support The Battleship Texas