Division H (Medical)

The below table was reformatted from the table created by Ephriam Dickson.
Divisions 1 through 5 the 5 turrets
Division 6 - 5inch guns
Division 7a - anti-aircraft guns (3inch and 40mm)
Division 7m - anti-aircraft guns (20mm)
Division 8 - marines

Division A - Auxiliary machinery (ice machine room, machine shop etc)
Division B- Boiler Room
Division C - Communications
***C1: Signals Communications
***C2: Radio Communications
***C3: Administrative ( written communications Captain's Office, Exec. Office, Post Office, and Log Office)
Division E - Electrical
Division F - fire control (range finders in turrets 2 and 4, Mk 37, and Mk 50)
Division H - Hospital
Division I - Radar
Division M - Machinery (engine room, ice machine, machine shop)
Division R - Damage control and general ship maintenance
Division S - Supply and Mess Stewards
Division V - Aviation

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