Torpedoes - 2nd Platform:  1912 till July 1925
TEXAS and NEW YORK were the only two US battleships (BB26 on) to carry 4 torpedo tubes.
 Torpedoes were lowered into the ship, through a main deck hatch between turrets 1 and 2 passing through a second deck hatch in the Wardroom Pantry. The Pantry deck hatch is surrounded by wide lengths of brass.

Forward torpedo tubes at frame 32 (128 feet from the bow) aft tubes at frame 34.5 (138 feet from the bow).
2nd Platform 
Above the Torpedo Warheads Room was the torpedo work shop 
TEXAS fired torpedoes at least as late as 18-19 September 1924, in the Southern Drill Ground ("Quarterly Cruise Reports").  Firing done with a 2,500psi Ingersoll air compressor, in the amidship Torpedo Room.

During the July 1925 - November 1926 modernization, the torpedoes and torpedo tubes were removed.
The torpedo air compressor was retained and the torpedo rooms became ordnance stores. 
  Torpedoes and Tubes   
TORPEDOES (Bliss Leavitt)   TUBES
Date Mark/Mod Qty Length Range   Mark/Mod Qty Dia Length
1914 Mar I I I 12 16.416 ft 4,000 yds   Mk I -Mod 1 4 21in 19 ft
1915 Jan IX 16.33 ft 7,000 yds  
1922 Aug 0   2
1924 Nov IX-1 12 17.061 ft   4  
Source armament page Deck Log   Range 
  1914 - Torpedo Explosive Parts  
 "General Information USS TEXAS Finished Plans nos 37 and 38"
  Qty Item  
  12 Warheads  
  24 Warnose detonators - 3 boxes of 8 each  
  140 Fuses - super heater, with 2 boxes of 70 each  
. Primers
  12 ***Wet - in one tank  
  144 ***Impulse - in one box  
  12 ***Dry - 4 boxes of three each  
  Torpedo Photos   
To the right of the torpedo is a gypsy head for bringing coal aboard 
Photos courtesy of Charles Emmons.  Father Martin Emmons was aboard during World War One 

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