Exterior Views:  November 1926 thru August 1941
The photos shown in this period are limited for little noticeable alterations.  The only telling change was April - July 1935 when the tops of both masts were replaced with "birdbath" structures.  Airplanes varied but sometimes a type of airplane was removed then brought back.  This period ends before the August - October 1941 in the Norfolk Navy Yard which marked the beginning of several major changes through 1945.
  November 1926 to August 1927  
Date is after the major modernization work of 31 July 1925 - 23 November 1926. 
Missing is the Flag Bridge atop the Navigation Bridge and there were two subsequent yard periods in which the Flag Bridge could have been added
  September 1927 to April 1931
Flagship of the US Navy
Airplane: OL-6 (September 1927) Movie Projector Room:  Bottom of mainmast.  Room removed sometime prior to 1935
  After April 1931 and before April 1935  
After April 1931 because the flag atop the foremast is not that of the US Navy CinC
Before April 1935:  When ship went into Bremerton Navy Yard during which "birdbath" platforms installed atop each mast
  After July 1935  
  Birdbath platform atop each mast  
  October 1939 to April 1941  
  Airplane:  SOC3 aboard (marked as #1 of Battleship Division 5).  Replaced April 1941 by OS2-U   
  Next to Turret 5 is a "Woodie"

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