Animal Mascots:  1914 - 1930s

No animal mascots were aboard during World War II.
This was the response from 30 BB35 veterans to a 1986 questionnaire from the Junior Historians, at Johnston Middle School, in Houston

While in Galveston, 6 - 14 November 1914, BB35 received her first animal mascot. Texaco presented Ursa, a West Texas brown bear cub, on 9 November. Do not know how long the cub remained aboard.

Ursa was the name of a Texaco lubricant that was used aboard BB35 and is still made today. Texaco is an abbreviation for "The Texas Company".

Photo from the the 1915 second quarter publication "TEXACO STAR".

  Buster and Queenie  
Next came the pair of Buster and Queenie, Boston Bull Terriers.  As you can see, they started a family aboard BB35.  Best estimate of their coming aboard is 1915.  When Queenie left is unknown.  Buster was listed as a deserter, in Jan 1917, when TEXAS sailed from New York City to Puerto Rico. 

Two photos are courtesy of Ed Williams


   4 December 1918, TEXAS arrived in Portland, England from Firth of Forth, Scotland. During the brief stay in Portland, Jim's 6-year-old English owner, Mr. Lloyd Adams, gave him to the ship. His Uncle Randolph, a Captain in the Veterinary Corps, brought Jim home from Flanders. Mr. Adams provided the photo, in 1999. Jim had complete run of the ship and was a frequent attendee at ship functions. Jim was aboard at least through July 1923.  A large oil painting of Jim was presented to BB35, from British Admiral Beatty. (Today, the painting is in the BB35 Ward Room).

At the bottom read more about Jim in the June 1957 "The American Mercury".  Written by Paul Schubert, he was a TEXAS officer from July 1919 to July 1923.


Unfortunately, I do not have any information about Paddy. 
From the small amount of ship' structure in the images best estimate date is before the 1925-1926 modernization.
Photos are courtesy of Ed Williams.



In 1920 and 1921 there was
Rex of the TEXAS 

  Tessie the Cat and Pittsburg the Dog  
Tessie The 4 April 1931 issue of the ship's newspaper (The TEXAS Steer")(in San Diego, California) reports the ship's cat Tessie gave birth to three kittens. Tessie chose the seclusion of being underneath the safe where confidential publications are stored. Tessie was acquired, in the fall of 1930, while the ship was in New York. As of the printing, two kittens were adopted. One of the adopters was the Junior Officer's Mess.  Pittsburg: The same 4 April 1931 article about Tessie mentioned the Aviation Department had a dog named Pittsburgh. To keep the dog's attention focused away from Tessie, he was regularly supplied with tennis balls. 

In 1931, while in San Pedro (port for Los Angeles), a little white dog was acquired from the city dog pound and named Maggie. Like Jim, Maggie was a regular attendee of ship functions. The 12 December 1931 weekly printing of the BB35 newspaper "TEXAS Steer", reported Maggie (who was pregnant) chose the Brig to give birth. Two crewmembers confined to the Brig were assigned to be Maggie's hospital orderlies. The story of Maggie rated more words then all other stories.

Tom Scott captured the image from a digital conversion he made of 45minutes of film footage shot aboard TEXAS, in Dec 1931 

  Unknown Dog and Cat  

Mid-1930s TEXAS cruise book. No information accompanies the photo but the image is wonderful. 
The photo is courtesy of Jack Platt, a long time TEXAS volunteer

  JIM - June 1957 "American Mercury"  

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