22 March to 23 June - Congress Works on the Appropriation
The authorization to build what would become the second United States Navy ship named for the state of Texas, is part of the House of Representative naval appropriation bill 23311, of the 61st Congress. The total US Navy appropriation is $133 million, including $6 million each for two new battleships. The cost of the armor and armament is not part of the $6 million. (Armor and armament was a separate part of the bill).

The bill is brought to the floor of the House from the Committee of Naval Affairs, on 22 March 1910. Opposition to the building of battleships was expressed in the link to the New York Times prior to the spending bill being brought to the floor of the House.
The first House objection to the bill is the building of 2 battleships. ($12 million for two battleships is 9% of the $133 million appropriation). On 8 April, a vote is called for to recommit the bill to the Committee with instruction to report the bill back to the House with the construction of only one battleship. The recommit vote is defeated 162 to 110 and the bill passes to the Senate.

The Senate Committee on Naval Affairs reports an amended bill to the Senate, on 19 May, including authorization to build of two battleships. The Senate further amends the bill and passes the appropriation, on 23 May. The Senate approved bill authorizes two battleships but one has to be built in a US Navy Yard. The requirement for US Navy Yard construction is not acceptable to the House. House members say US Navy Yard construction will add $2 million to the cost.

Several conferences are held between the House and Senate to resolve this matter and other differences. Final agreement is one ship constructed in a US Navy yard and the other in a commercial yard.  On 21 June the House agrees to the Conference report and the Senate does likewise on 22 June.

Below is a chronology from the "Congressional Record" of the three months of appropriation.
23 - 24 June: President Taft signs the appropriation
The appropriation is forwarded to President Taft for approval, on 23 June. Presidential approval is affixed to the bill on 24 June 1910.
At this time, the battleships are not named
  Interesting Notes  
A "Congressional Record" entry references past and present concerns about a military threat from Japan. On 25 March 1910, one representative said there was no probability of Japan attacking America and read into the record his supporting facts.

The 1910 "Congressional Record" debates about the bill reads like the present. If you substitute a modern weapon for battleships and tack on several zeros to the costs, the arguments for and against the spending have not changed.

US Navy Yard vs private yard construction costs. Numerous debates were held about the subject. The 8-hour day requirement in US Navy Yards was deemed by many to make US Navy yards inefficient.
  Summary - Congressional Record  
  1910 Record Page Record appendix House Report Senate Report Congressional Activity ;
  March 22 3351 . 796   From Committee on Naval Affairs to House floor  
  25 3378 - 3790 .     Debate - objection to 2 battleships, only 1 needed. One member states no probability of Japan attacking America and lists reasons  
  26 3801 - 3834 .     Debate  
  29 3896 - 3986 .     Debate under the appropriation deals with unrelated Sherman Anti-Trust matters  
  31 4059 - 4085 .     Debate, including Japan naval strength looked at  
  April 2 4159 - 4173 .     Debate under the appropriation is unrelated Post Office and banks matters  
  4 4243 - 4249 .     Debate  
  5 4274 - 4308 .     Debate  
  7 4379 - 4400 .     Debate  
  8 4415 - 4445 .     Debate. Vote to recommit bill to Committee on Naval Affairs with instruction to report the bill back to the floor to build only 1battleship. Vote was defeated 162 - 110. 14 voted present and 102 did not vote  
  8 4444 - 4445 .     Houses passes bill to Senate  
  11 4498 .     Referred to Senate Committee on Naval Affairs  
  May 9 5949 .   662 Committee reports bill with amendments to Senate  
  18 6442 .     Recommitted back to Committee with amendments  
  19 6497 .   711 Committee reports bill with amendments to Senate  
  20 6583 - 6607 .     Debated  
  20 6586 .     Amendments include #47 - only one contractor can build one battleship and one contractor must be a US Navy Yard  
  23 6722 - 6739 .     debate  
  23 6739 .     Senate passes bill  
  26 6925 .     House objects to many Senate amendments, including #47. House says #47 will increase cost by $2 million. Asks for conference with Senate (see note below)  
  26 6882 .     Senate insists on its amendments and agrees to conference  
  26 6925 - 6926 .     House conferees appointed  
  June 8 7594 - 7595 .     Conference report made and agreed to in Senate; Senate further insists on it's amendments and asks for a further conference  
  9 7774 - 7775 . 1489   Conference report made in House  
  10 7819 - 7843 319     Conference report made and agreed to in House; House disagrees with several Senate amendments, including #47. Agrees to further conference  
  20 8577 . 1689   Conference report made in House  
  21 8658 - 8662 345     Conference report debated and agreed to in the House. Accepts #47  
  22 8714 - 8715       Conference report made and agreed to in the Senate  
  23 8788       Examined and signed by Speaker of the House and the Vice President  
  23 8861       Presented to President Taft  
  25 9107       24 June, approved by President Taft, public number 261  

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