Relocation: Europe to Pacific
14 September 1944 to 16 February 1945
Returning from European operations on 14 September, TEXAS entered New York Navy Yard for overhaul and post voyage repairs. While in the yard, her paint scheme was changed and structure modified for new equipment.
  14 September to 14 October 1944 New York Navy Yard  
  All 94 Anti-Aircraft Guns Now Aboard  
Two more 20mm machine cannons installed (mainmast) bringing the total to 44 for the fourth and final 20mm installation
  Mainmast Platforms Replaced  
  The mainmast was completely rebuilt with the three existing levels below the SK radar antenna being replaced with the four levels shown.

SG radar antenna was mounted on a separate structure and raised above the SK antenna. This is the final configuration for the radar antennas.

Mk 50 Gun Director was installed to control 3 inch AA gun fire. The original installation date was to be summer of 1943.

20mm machine cannons: Two more were installed, increasing mainmast quantity to four.

  14inch Gun Replacement - 3rd of 3  
Mark XII 14" guns were installed, the third and final 14inch gun replacement. Gun extraction photo is BB34, turret 5, but such removal would be the same for BB35
One of the BB35 removed 14" guns from Turret 1 was involved with the 6th war loan drive. On 15 November, the gun was trucked to Fifth Ave & 48th St., via the Manhattan Bridge The kick off was reported in the New York Times as "Rally Round The Gun". The gun is 53 feet long, weighs 70 tons and needed a 25-ton moving vehicle with 42 tires of 15-inch treads.
  Paint Scheme: 4th of 5  
Profiles from the 1976 TEXAS booklet by Leeward Publications.

From Measure 22 -
applied 23 February to 15 March 1943

  To Measure 33 - Light Patterned System
replaced with Measure 22, late December 1944
  Enroute to the Hawaii: 24 October to 9 December 1944  
Yard work was completed 24 October and after a brief mooring in New York City, moved to Gravesend Bay, in New York Harbor, on the 28th to load ammunition. Departing Gravesend on the 30th, TEXAS and arrived in Casco Bay, Me, on 1 November for anti aircraft gunnery.
10 November, in the company of ARKANSAS and other ships, TEXAS departed for the Panama Canal and the Pacific as TG 27.7. The MISSOURI and two escort carriers took station with TG27.7 on the 12th. The canal was transited on 17th - 18th The canal crossing was the 15th of 16 and the first return to the Pacific since June 1937.
27 November - Arrive San Pedro (port of Los Angeles)

During the brief period in San Pedro, additional gunnery practice was held off the islands near Los Angeles before departing for Hawaii, on 3 December
  9 December 1944 - Arrive Pearl Harbor, Hawaii  
29,789 Miles sailed in 1944 and 719,453 total miles
TEXAS would conduct additional gunnery practice, including shore bombardment off Kahoolawe Island on the 13th. While in Hawaii, a freon 12 air conditioning unit was obtained and installed in the Plotting Room.  3 - 5 January 1945 BB35 conducted drone launchings from the catapult and gunnery practice. 9 January 1945 TEXAS departed for Ulithi Islands and final preparations for the Invasion of Iwo Jima, Japan, 4th of 5 invasions BB35 would take part in.
  13 December 1944 to 3 January 1945 - painted in 5th of 5 WWII schemes  
  From Measure 33
Light Patterned System
  To:  Measure 21
December 1944
  Enroute to Iwo Jima 9 January to 16 February 1945  
  23 January Arrive Ulithi Islands BB35 continued with anti aircraft gunnery and repairs. On 10 February, TEXAS, ARKANSAS and other ships left Ulithi Islands and arrived on the 12th in the Saipan - Tinian are for two days of rehearsal fire support.

14 February 1945 departs Saipan - Tinian for Iwo Jima with Task Group 52.19 (part of Task Force 54,). The invasion would be the 4th such operation for TEXAS in World War II.

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