Ship's Newspapers
Accessible here are some of the ship's weekly newspapers. They give a view of life aboard ship that is not available in the normal US Navy records.

Under the auspices of the ship's Chaplain, printing the newspaper was done aboard ship with a variety of printing methods. Up through at least 1923, hand set type was used. By the 1930s, linotype was aboard. The linotype was gone by at least the summer of 1943. (In the summer of 1943, the Print Shop area was converted to Radar & Aux CiC). Best guess as to printing after the summer of 1943 was with a mimeograph.

At least 52 issues have been located. Many of the issues required extensive repairs with a graphic editor. Some text was recreated by copying the same words from other locations so as to keep the same style. Some issues were copies and did not contain the bottom line of text. Of the issues found, there have been several names, such as:
.  "The TEXAN" - 1920 through 1923
"The TEXAS Toreador" - in 1927
"The TEXAS Steer" - 1929 through 1937
"TEXAS Press" - 1936
"Morning Press" - from 1940 through 1946.
"TEXAS Longhorn" - April 1945

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