From provision storage to the table ready to eat, feeding the crew was a massive undertaking.  The task was even daunting in later years for the number of personnel increased by several hundred from 1914 but little increase in cooking capacity.  After the cooking is the cleaning.
Most compartment names will display more information
  Main Deck  
  Enlisted area here  
  2nd Deck  
  Enlisted eating areas all through out the deck  
  Half Deck  
  3rd Deck  
Enlisted eating areas (ex D-109) throughout the deck
Refrigeration could hold 30 tons of meat. 
  Provision compartments:   . 
*** 1910:  7 thru 14
*** 1931:  1 thru 6, 8 thru 11
*** 1937:  1 thru 5, 8 thru 12, 14
*** 1944:  1 thru 4, 9 thru 14 

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