Exterior Views:  October 1941 thru 1945
Numerous changes to guns, radar and paint.  Only those guns that are easily seen are mentioned
  October 1941 to unknown date prior 15 January 1942  
Foremast:  Birdbath platform removed and radar screen for CXAM-1 present.  5inch guns near the stern still present
NLT date is uncertain for paint scheme change to measure 12 is unknown (by 15 January 1942 when bound for Iceland)

  11 - 20 February 1942  
Hvalfjörður, Iceland
Imperial War Museum © IWM (A 8058) - Non Commercial License
Paint:  Measure 12 above main deck.  Is it on hull??  5inch gun:  2nd deck about mid way aft
  After March-May 1942
After one or two periods (March, April-May) Norfolk Navy Yard
 5inch guns:  Last 8 on 2nd deck removed, 20mm: First 14 installed (2 visible on main deck by Turret 5) Paint:  ?? measure 12 on hull

  October 1942 thru 23 February 1943  
20mm:  20 more installed on main deck (splinter shields from Turret 3 aft and by Turret 2) .  Paint Scheme:  Still measure 12 but different style and now on the hull

  1943:  After 15 March prior to 1 June  
Paint scheme change and no 40mm guns.  June 1943 the 40mm were installed.  Leaves only one yard period for changing the paint scheme to measure 22 of 23 February thru 15 March 1943  Foremast:  SG antenna below fire control structure
  After June 1943  
Boston Navy Yard:  1 - 30 June 1943 
40mm guns:  First and only install (per BB35 War Diary).  Visible on stern and outboard of Crew's Galley (no guns were in these locations prior to the 40mm)  20mm:  placed atop Turret 2, 4 and Clipping Rooms (fwd Turret 4); Mainmast:  Radar antennas for SG and SK; birdbath platform replaced and search light platform modified

  25 February - 22 May 1944  
Foremast:  SC-1 radar removed and the SG-1 relocated to this position.  Mainmast:  color on the side of the top platform from dark to light. 
22 May, catapult was removed prior to the D-Day operation and back aboard after the 25 June 1944 battle for Cherbourg. 
The catapult was placed back on top of Turret 3 at Oran, Algeria in August (22 - 27).
  15 thru 17 August 1944    
  Invasion of Southern France:  Catapult atop Turret 3   
  15 October 1944 thru January 1945   
In the New York Navy Yard (15 September - 15 October 1944)  
Pain scheme:  Measure 33. camouflage sections visible on the hull, Mainmast:  SG antenna above SK antenna; all new platforms
  1945:  January thru September  
Measure 21 (dark blue) applieed in Pearl Harbor  
Ship off Iwo Jima:  Color has already faded but does not have the pattern applied in the New York Navy Yard 

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