Is It BB35..??
I still come upon photos captioned as BB35 but are actually sister ship NEW YORK plus a few others. 
Since the vast majority of misidentifications are with NEW YORK, here are a few ways to distinguish the exterior of the two ships
1914 to January 1918

NEW YORK masts always had a single level search light platform.  BB35 started with a two-tier configuration The change to a single level platform happened after September 1917.

Pilot House
December 1918 to July 1925

The Pilot House photos and drawings of both ships shows the BB35 pilot house is more elongated.
NEW YORK also has an extension platform on both sides


Airplane Platforms 
None on NEW YORK Turret 2 and 4 (4 removed August 1921)
Navigation Bridge area 1928 to 1945

BB35 has  a Flag Bridge above the Navigation Bridge while NEW YORK has an air defense platform. NEW YORK Flag Bridge is located where the BB35 Signal Bridge is, below the Navigation Bridge.

Foremast Fire Control 
1941 to December 1945


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