East Coast:  27 June 1937 to 1 September 1939

  Summer 1937 to 4th Quarter - Flagship of Training Division  

After returning from the Pacific, TEXAS became the flagship of the Training Detachment. Tasks were naval reserve drills and merchant marine training.

During the Training Detachment assignment the airplanes were removed, in the summer of 1937.

  3 June to 24 Aug 1938 US Naval Academy Midshipmen's Cruise (2nd of 4)  
French liner Normandie at LeHavre, France.  Texas is the middle ship on the right
  4th Quarter 1938 to - Flagship of Atlantic Squadron  

Fourth quarter of 1938, BB35 joined the newly organized Atlantic Squadron. The Atlantic Squadron had the appearance of a present day US Navy Battlegroup, with the inclusion of an aircraft carrier. TEXAS became the flagship of the Squadron. Admiral Ernest King commanded the Squadron from her until 22 April 1941.

  January 1939 - Test Experimental Radar  
  In late 1938 the RCA made experimental radar CZX was installed aboard BB35 for testing. Another experimental radar, XAF by the Naval Research Laboratories, was installed aboard NEW YORK. CZX was located on the main deck with the antenna atop the equipment. The official RCA history of radar development says XAF had better range and CZX had better definition. RCA took the best features from both and created CXAM, the operational first shipborne radar which was installed on the first ships in late spring 1941. RCA created an upgraded version CXAM-1 that was installed aboard BB35 in August 1941.  

  3 June to 28 Aug 1939 US Naval Academy Midshipmen's Cruise (3rd of 4)  

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