U.S.S. TEXAS Description and Official Trials, Henderson B. Gregory, Journal of the American Society of Naval Engineers, February 1914. A 53 page BB35 article in the Societies monthly periodical. Detail descriptions of the machinery in the ship's compartments. Also detailed engine and boiler performance data during the October 1913 speed runs. (I scanned the article)

North Sea Days, An account of BB35 in the North Sea, in 1918. No publisher, date, editor or other identification is present.  It was published prior to 11 May 1919 for the copy I scanned has this date (handwritten) by the book owner who was aboard BB35 in 1918. The book I scanned is in the BB35 archives.

Ground Swells Of Sailors, Ships, & Shellac by Mark Raymond Murnane, Exposition Press, New York, 1949. A BB35 World War I account written by a BB35 crewmember.

Come On TEXAS, 1930, by Paul Schubert (no longer in print) Mr Schubert was a junior officer aboard BB35 in 1919. The book is at the Houston Public Library (downtown). Three chapters were added, after the Dec 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. The 1941 revision was brought to my attention by Lynn Mouser.

The United States Ship TEXAS in World War II - published for the BB35 crew. No publisher, date or other related book identification is present. (I scanned the book)

Come on .... TEXAS, 1963, by Hearn Lithographing, Houston. Was sold by the Battleship TEXAS Commission to raise money for the ship. The publication was brought to my attention by Lynn Mouser.

USS TEXAS (BB35) Ships Data 6, 1976, by Leeward Publications, ISBN 0-91528-06-X (out of print)

USS Texas (BB-35) A Remembrance: July 1984, by Fathorn Eig, ISBN0-910651-06-X. Have never seen the publication. Would like to obtain a copy. The publication was brought to my attention by Lynn Mouser.

BATTLESHIP TEXAS, 1993, by Hugh Power, Texas A&M Press, ISBN 0-89096-516-1 (cloth) ISBN 0-89096-519-6 (paper)

Warship Pictorial #4 USS Texas BB-35, July of 1999, Classic Warships Publishing

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