Invasion of Iwo Jima, Japan
16 February to 7 March 1945
Departing Ulithi Islands, 10 February and after two days of gunnery in the Saipan -Tinian area TEXAS, along with Task Force 54,
arrived off the southwest coast of Iwo Jima,16 February. (ARKANSAS and NEW YORK are also present)
Off southwest coast of Iwo Jima. Though painted measure 21 about seven weeks prior, the blue has already faded.
Immediately upon arrival, TEXAS began 3 days of preliminary shelling the southwestern area of the island. The red area was her initial fire support area (per historic map in BB35 archives).

D-Day, 19 February, TEXAS was supporting the landings on the western side of the island. She continued firing 14-inch and 5-inch shells until the 21st.

On the 23rd, Marines raised the American flag atop Mt Suribachi. The flag was visible aboard BB35.

Though Iwo Jima was not secured until 14 March (with mopping up until 26 March), TEXAS departed for Ulithi Isl, on 7 March, to prepare for her final combat, the invasion of Okinawa, Japan.
The landing beach in the TEXAS support area
BB35 support area with Mt Suribachi on the right

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